Writer, Editor, Storyteller

Anya Khalamayzer: A writer, thinker, and magic-maker who wants to help others reach their potential. Elegant with words. Passionate about the simplicity of truth. 

I hold a business journalism degree from CUNY Baruch College, one of New York City's best business schools. I have five brilliant years of experience writing about finance, entrepreneurship, the environment, and, thankfully, art. 

My philosophy is authenticity. As a creative writer foremost, I know that it takes time to chisel a story. As a journalistic writer, I take time to deeply listen to the unique story before me and carefully distill the true, new, and forward-thinking about it.

I work with brands, bands, and individuals to help push their best image into the public sphere and onto social media channels. 

Put my skills and passion to work crafting your narrative. Get in touch: push my (social media) buttons below.